Monthly Mass

3rd Sunday of every Month

Time 2:30pm

Location :St Anthony of Padua catholic church

2222 Ralph Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta GA , 30310

Cameroon Catholic Community  OAtlanta

St Anthony Of Padua Catholic Church

925 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW , Atlanta , GA 30310

A   Family Built On Faith

Archbishop of Atlanta

Wilton D. Gregory,

Registration/Administration                    Sacristan                                        Book Keeping

          Kila Fobi                                                     Dr Clement Tabe                                    Daniel Tayong

  Food & Entertainment                       Ushers/Lectors                             Youth Coordinator               

           CWA Atlanta                                           Lucy Wallang                                  Claire Ngengwe

Priest In Charge

Fr  Henry Atem

 We at the Cameroon catholic committee  of Atlanta, are rich with warm welcome, rich with diversity, rich with open hearts and open minds, rich with volunteers, members, and leadership. We are rich with prayer, in our Cameroonian culture , rich with love and rich with the Holy Spirit.

Despite many demands on our time, including job and family responsibilities, there remains a hunger to give back and make an impact beyond our individual lives. Becoming involved in a  ministry is a powerful way to give of yourself and make an impact on the lives of others

Getting involved in a  ministry is also a great way to make connections with other and find your niche. In a community as ours, it is these smaller communities that truly make our community feel like home. Most importantly, getting involved in service offers a profound way to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, loving and serving others as we strive to love and serve our God. How to Get Involved

There are many ways to share your time and talent! We are constantly seeking for more volunteers to join us serve our community and encourage you to try out several ministries as you explore the best fit for you.  All ages are welcomed to volunteer.

                           The Cameroon Catholic Community of Atlanta Committee members

                        Sharing Time & Talent

Auxiliary Bishop 

David P Talley,

Auxiliary Bishop 

Luis R Zarama,


    Choir Director

Evelyn Akoh- Asana


    Church Bulletin

Sebastain Wallang

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