Monthly Mass

3rd Sunday of every Month

Time 2:30pm

Location :St Anthony of Padua catholic church

2222 Ralph Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta GA , 30310

Cameroon Catholic Community  OAtlanta

St Anthony Of Padua Catholic Church

925 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW , Atlanta , GA 30310

A   Family Built On Faith

Archbishop of Atlanta

Wilton D. Gregory,

About Us

The Catholic Women's Association (CWA)of Atlanta is an offspring of the Catholic Women Association Cameroon .We adopted the name Queen Assumed Into Heaven " The Catholic Women's Association Cameroon was founded in 1964 in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon in answer to the universal call of the lay faithful to holiness (cf. Vatican II, Dogmatic Constitution Gentium, no 39 decree on the Apostolate of the lay people, Apostolicium Actuositatem, Nos 5-11).


Membership is open to all baptized girls or women from ages 18 years, single or married, literate or illiterate bound together by their faith and committed to serve God and humanity by helping members to participate fully in the evangelizing mission of the church, and undertaking activities that raise the living standards for women.

The association fosters the spirit of love and solidarity among its members, promotes their spiritual growth and builds up Christian families and the "domestic church. CWA encourages its members to model their lifestyle following the example of their Patroness, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The women make sacrifices to come together to attend meetings, to learn, share and ensure the steady growth of the Association. They come together for sensitization programs, educational classes, prayers and retreat sessions, leadership training programs. They undertake parochial activities, social programs, humanitarian activities and spiritual exercises. The leaders sacrifice time, money and talents to help other women in their groups planning, supervising and implementing the various activities. The impact of the program on the life of the members is of great importance.

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Auxiliary Bishop 

David P Talley,

Auxiliary Bishop 

Luis R Zarama,

Catholic Women Association (CWA) Of Atlanta

Queen Assumed into heaven branch

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