Monthly Mass

3rd Sunday of every Month

Time 2:30pm

Location :St Anthony of Padua catholic church

2222 Ralph Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta GA , 30310

Cameroon Catholic Community  OAtlanta

St Anthony Of Padua Catholic Church

925 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW , Atlanta , GA 30310

A   Family Built On Faith

Archbishop of Atlanta

Wilton D. Gregory,


The Cameroon Catholic Community of Atlanta, is a vibrant and active community. There are many ways you can be of service either during the celebration of the mass or be involved in other opportunities in our community. We believe that the different  ministries are a call to serve and that stewardship is sacrificial giving of time, talent and treasure. You are invited to consider where you are being called to serve.

 Altar Servers Altar Servers

This volunteer service enables our youth to actively assist in the worship life of our community. Boys and girls from 5th grad and higher are invited to join this ministry. Training is provided

Contact: Dr. Clement Tabe @


Lectors provide a valuable service to our community family. During the Liturgy of the Word during the Mass, lectors effectively, and clearly proclaim the Word of God. Any ---, who can comfortably and clearly proclaim the readings and psalms is welcomed to be trained so that they may serve  as a Lector.

Contact: Lucy Wallang at


Ushers are the first to “meet and greet” the faithful and visitors at each Mass. In their service, Ushers assist in seating people as they enter the church, select a family to participate in the presentation of the gifts during the offertory, coordinate the offertory collection, distribute bulletins after Mass, and assist in any other way needed by our Clergy.

Contact: L,ucy Wallang at


If you sing or play any musical instrument, you are welcome to join the CCC choir. Both children and adults sing and play at all of the masses.

Contact: Evelyne Akoh Asana at

Auxiliary Bishop 

David P Talley,

Auxiliary Bishop 

Luis R Zarama,

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