Monthly Mass

3rd Sunday of every Month

Time 2:30pm

Location :St Anthony of Padua catholic church

2222 Ralph Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta GA , 30310

  Who We Are

Cameroon Catholic Community  OAtlanta

St Anthony Of Padua Catholic Church

925 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW , Atlanta , GA 30310

A   Family Built On Faith

Archbishop of Atlanta

Wilton D. Gregory,

Auxiliary Bishop 

David P Talley,

Auxiliary Bishop 

Luis R Zarama,

Our Mission :

Our mission is to serve the spiritual and cultural needs of Cameroonians within the greater Atlanta area through the development and nurturing of a safety net with strong support mechanisms for individuals and families, and the promotion of commitment to family life. we strive to bring people closer together and closer to God.

This we accomplish by:

*  Building our lives in the image of Christ through worship and prayer.

*  Contributing to the growth of our parish by spreading the Gospel by word, witness, action and  evangelization.

*  Inviting everyone to serve, in this way meeting the needs of our community  and the broader  community.

*  Being faithful stewards  to God for by responsibly sharing our time, talents and treasures.

*  Lending support to the Cameroon catholic community and working together to fulfill the mission.

Spiritually, we promote participation in our local parishes through other ministries.

*  In our community, we encourage our youth to be witnesses to Jesus Christ by being followers of the Gospel and 

    always carrying out the good message to others in need.


Cameroon is a country on the west coast of Africa, which is made up of more than 350 ethnic, cultural and language groups. The country is religiously grouped into Christians and Muslims. The majority are Catholics. In Cameroon, especially in the southwest and Northwest regions , the Sunday liturgy is gracefully celebrated and the homily reflects the daily activities of the people. It was felt that these qualities were missing when Cameroonians attended Sunday Masses in their respective neighborhood Catholic churches in Atlanta.

The community of Catholic faithful known as the Cameroon Catholic Community (CCC),  worship in different parishes all around Atlanta. In 2008, Reverend Father (Fr.). Henry Atem together with a few Cameroonian had this vision to gather some Cameroonians in the area to start the Cameroon Catholic Community Mass with a celebration similar to what is done in Cameroon. This community serves as a monthly hub where English-speaking Cameroonians gather together to worship in typical Cameroonian style.

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